Saturday, February 16, 2013

Kid's Biography of Rosa Luxemburg: Open Call for Illustrators

My five-year-old daughter, who has exquisite taste and impeccable politics, has commissioned me to write a juvenile biography of Rosa Luxemburg. (My librarian wife has determined, by checking WorldCat, that the only kids' books about her are Rosa und Karl, published 1988 in East Germany and only available from German libraries; a 200-something page young adult book in Norwegian; and a pamphlet in Tamil.)

No matter what, I will write this. But once it's done I'd like very much for it to find an audience beyond my household. So if you are an illustrator, or know an illustrator who might be interested in collaborating on such a project, feel free to DM me your e-mail address via Twitter, and let's talk (@epateur).

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