Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Testing My Hypothesis

A quick note to indicate that my story “Hypothetical Foundations of a Quantum Theory of Familial Social Physics” has been posted by the fine people of FLAPPERHOUSE as a teaser for their Summer issue.

If you love it, hate it, or are not sure but want to attempt to psychoanalyze me on its basis, the comments on this post are as good a place as any to let me know.


  1. Is the narrator supposed to be insane? He comes across to me as something of a standard mad scientist who has expanded his repertoire to include some social sciences. Of course any hard science more advanced than High School seems mad to me.

    Either way I thoroughly enjoyed this preview.

  2. Social physics is a real thing in the world--physicists trying to use their conceptual toolkit to explain phenomena that social scientists have been working on for decades. I always thought of the narrator as being no more and no less insane than any of the rest of us, stubbornly trying to apply our favorite heuristics no matter what the context. So of course he's a complete wacko.