Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Self-Promotion Again, More Shameful than Shameless

The folks at Haikasoru, in what may have been one of the worst possible marketing moves for Phantasm Japan, asked me a few questions about my story "Thirty-Eight Observations on the Nature of the Self". In the process of giving my answers, I may have offended bureaucrats, poets, Trotskyists, Mainers, New Yorkers, the people of Japan, the editors of Cracked, and my own father.

Also, Big Pulp committed my words to print in the second issue of M: Mystery and Horror

Isn't it shiny?

The story contained therein, "The Jumping Frenchmen of Maine," might offend veterans, Franco-Americans, people with obscure psychiatric disorders, and once again, Mainers.

Go send Big Pulp three of those $2 bills you have left over from your last trip to the strip club and enjoy.

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