Friday, March 20, 2015

A New Story, & Critical Reception of Some Older Ones

A new issue of The Future Fire has come out, and my story "After the New Dawn" is in it. (Trigger warnings: fascist dictatorship, child abuse and neglect, Greeks)

Charles Payseur reviewed the entirety of The Journal of Unlikely Cryptography, including my story "The Joy of Sects":

It's an interesting story, full of human connection, and yet the main character finds that the most intimate touch is not one that they want to experience, that they are repulsed by the person they are joined to. Definitely not for those who don't appreciate a healthy amount of sex in their stories, this one is still well worth checking out.

Apparently he really liked it, because later in the month he recommended pairing it with "a Belgian ale". Go with a Trappist, at least until the monasteries get expropriated.

Phantasm Japan has been getting disappointingly few reviews, and disappointingly few of the ones that exist even mention my story. This one is an exception.

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